When CPS goes to interview kids after receiving a complaint and the kids who are teenagers tell cpl they have no comment, is there anything cps can do after that to substaniate a complaint.  Complaint rec'd will turn out 2 be a jacked up falst comlaint like the rest have over time and the kids are just tired of answering 2 cpl over false complaints.

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How old are kids. Tell CPS don't come back unless they have a warrent. You do not have to talk to them. In fact your kids don't neither. I see you are from Freemont that is my old stomping grounds. Worked there and lived in Bitely. They can substantiate anything they like although they are suppose to follow rules and guidelines. I am meeting with a rep from Michigan in a couple weeks if you like to submit a story. What ever you do don't get involved in any of there programs. Have them prove that you need those programs in a court of law. This is one way that they make up stories about people and present half truths. Go public with everything that happens. People are getting wise to there games.

Even though they have letters in there file, cps will try to talk to them. In fact when they enter the school they are part of the state's and you relinguish whatever parental rights you have. Make sure they your children know they can exercise there right not to speak to them. It is also there right

 to leave the room at anytime unless they have a warrent to talk to them. Make sure they know this. Regardless what the cps worker say's.

Not all the time will they seek a search warrant. They have 30 days to do a investagation, before they have to throw it in the can  unless it is ongoing.
My number is 1-616-848-0664 call after 3
im looking 4 that power of attorney document online and cant find 1 w/o paying, any site u know i can print 1 off
No it is not on line. Go to a local atorney's office on monday morning.



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