I know a lot about the michigan court and CPS system I won my case.

I am open to helping any individuals with CPS cases.  I won my case.  I know what they do their tricks, lies and there are always two ways to get things done.  Your way and their way.  I did what was in best interest of my kids and I never took no for an answer.  I have my kids.  Have they bothered me since then.  Hell yes.  Have they walked away every time.  Hell yes.  They even told other people when they tried taking other peoples kids are you friends with so and so.  They said yup.  And they left them alone.  When you know you are doing great and helping people from your heart.  Hold your head high.  Their day ends at 5:00 mine did not.  My day never ended.  I loved weekends because I knew they would not call me, they could not mess with me and I would spend the weekend preparing for the week.  I am ery resourceful.  If you have been a victim send me a letter.  I will get you what you need to know.  CPS wanted to adopt out my kids and terminate parental rights.  I never missed a second.  I caught every trick I knew how to fix or answer their lies.  They were not helping my kids, I helped save my kids from them.  My boys love me and they thank me for fighting so hard fro them.  I have 50/50 custody with the dads and pretty soon full.  My boys know who they can count on and its me.  I would never ever let anyone harm them or take them from me.  And as parents we need to help stand up and get these rotten people out of jobs.  A lot of them are lazy, and probably not great parents, in the job and get paid lousy so they dont care and the ones who get paid mroe sign whatever the ones that dont care petition.  Send me a message I am happy to help anyone who is wrongfully screwed by DHS.

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Comment by Lisa Marie Joyce on September 28, 2013 at 8:20pm

How do i contact you? I am in johannesburg Mi

Comment by Andrea Vought on April 8, 2013 at 5:13am
How do I contact you?? I'm in onaway mi. Your contact info says you're in cheboygan??
Comment by shannond48183 on April 22, 2012 at 12:44pm

happening with me as well. they illegally kidnapped my disabled daughter and put her with a paranoid schizophrenic and a closed head injury, sex addict, stalker, and huge criminal history ( child abuse arrest and all! ) that they are ignoring yet i have no criminal record, a 16 year old son and a 3 month old I have custody of yet they keep Janna from us?? How is this possible? I want a law passed in my daughter name. can someone help me as to where/how to get started. A petition??

Comment by KIM BRAILEY on February 16, 2012 at 12:39pm

This sounds alot like what has/is still happening with my family.  I fought CPS for years and won every time.  Then the took my children in 2007 held on to them for 10 months, I got them back.  I won again.  Do they leave me alone?  NO.  They still harrass my family.  They try to threaten and intimadate my family and friends into telling them [CPS] where the children and I are.  They don't get the answer they are looking for.  But I am still winning and have my children.  It is only Montcalm County Michigan that will not give up.  But I will fight every day of my life until my last breathe.  I try to help as much as I can.

Comment by leona mcburney on December 25, 2011 at 12:46am


Comment by leona mcburney on December 25, 2011 at 12:42am

How is that CPS can illegally take our children fill the court room with lies and keep our kids? Where are our rights as parent to report crimes and not become the abuser just because we were acquainted with the true abuser? Judges and other city officials did with my son in public places, what I allow on private property. Yet, they get paid to take my son and keep him in there jurisdiction. Now, the problem is that I reported this crime but out of all the children who were abused, my child was the only one removed from the home (not by sheriff dept. but by school assistant principle the following day)and I am the only one who’s parental rights have been taken away. This is the copy of the letter I have written trying to get help from some one to get my son back. “Now that the predator is behind bars, without bail and all the children are safe from him, wouldn't one think the family that made the initial complaint against him should be given an award for their bravery, not so!!! I am the mom of the boy who made the initial complaint that put him behind bars, allowing the other boys the bravery to come forward with years of abuse at this mans hands. After our complaint CPS took my son and they have terminated my parental rights. My Trial Date was set for Sept. 20,2011, they said I failed to protect my son and that I was aware that he were being abused by this man, because I was on the property. I and my son are being punished(no contact is allowed between us), because we spoke up and told the truth. It doesn't matter that other parents have made complaints in the past to police dept, sheriff dept. and CPS and nothing was done regarding these complaints(for 12 years). . All this does is teach our kids it is NOT SAFE to speak the TRUTH for fear of losing the only safe place they have ever know. When will St. Clair county get it right, when it comes to the protection of our children? I did NOT ALLOW my son to be victimized by Daryl Zimmer, I REPORTED A CRIME as soon as I was informed what was going on by another victims sister. I could have just took my son with my knowledge and walked away(children would still be in the midst of this crime) and we would be home safe and sound. What I did was not only to protect my son from what I heard was happening, but to protect every child who I was aware of being on his property. I pray with all my heart I win my case and my son is returned home with me, but if I lose, I am comforted in knowing that this man will never harm another child in his lifetime and that my son will be 18 in 3 1/2 years and able to come home. I will not stop fighting for what I know is right!!!!!! MY STORY HAS BEEN SENT TO EVERYONE I CAN THINK OF FROM THE LOCAL NEWS TO THE WHITE HOUSE, WHY IS IT THAT THE STORY INVOLVING THE PREDATOR WHO RAPED THESE BOYS HAS RECIEVED PUBLICATION, YET THE CHILDREN INCLUDING MY SON WHO WAS TAKEN AWAY, HAS YET TO HAVE THEIR STORY HEARD LET ALONE PUBLISHED. WHAT MUST I DO TO GET THE ATTENTION OF SOMEBODY WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT OUR CHILDREN. I DID THE RIGHT THING AND YET I AM BEING PUNISHED DAILY.  I AM AWARE THAT DARYL ZIMMER WAS SENTENCED TO 25 TO LIFE. AS THE PREDATOR HE IS GETTING A GREAT DEAL OF PUBLICITY, ALL I WANT IS FOR SOMEONE TO HEAR MY SIDE OF THE STORY. I AM DOING EVERYTHING I KNOW TO GET MY STORY HEARD, NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE. DARYL IS BEHIND BARS AND FACING A LIFE LONG SENTENCE( THAT IN ITS SELF SHOULD SAY SOMETHING).ALL OTHER CHILDREN ARE HOME WITH THEIR FAMILIES(GREATFUL FOR THE SACRIFICE I HAVE HAD TO MAKE) ENJOYING THEIR NEW FOUND FREEDOM. I AM LIVING BACK HOME WITH MY PARENTS AFTER 30 YEARS OF BEING ON MY OWN. STRUGGLING THROUGH SCHOOL, UNABLE TO FOCUS ON ANYTHING AND FIGHTING DEPRESSION DAILY. THE GREATEST HARM IS WITH ANTHONY, HE IS AWAY FROM THE ONLY MOTHER HE HAS EVER KNOW, HE IS UNABLE TO HAVE CONTACT WITH HIS GRANDPARENTS, BECAUSE I LIVE WITH THEM. NOT ONLY HAS HE BEEN TRAUMATIZED BY BEING A VICTIM, BUT HE CONTINUES TO BE TRAUMATIZED DAILY BY BEING WITHOUT THE ON

Comment by mollie giffin on December 24, 2011 at 7:25pm

I am so glad to finally find someone who has been through what I am going through. Its hard for people to understand if they never have experienced it. My story is pretty unbelievable but I swear its all true and would appreciate anyones help.

Early this summer my oldest daughter ended a relationship with an older man in our neighborhood. She broke up with him and then moved out. I never actually met the man but did tell her he could not come to our house because I found out he had recently served 7 years for rape and I was not having him around my children. Well, after the breakup he blamed me for it and told me he would get back. Needless to say a few days later CPS and a police officer showed up at my door claiming someone called and said I had an active Meth lab in my house. I told them to come on in and look around because I have nothing and also told them about the situation with my daughter and the neighbor man and that I was sure that was where it came from. They left and I expected to never hear from them again but about a month later the CPS worker was back and asked if I would take a drug test so she could close my test. I said sure and did. I was currently taking a duretic medication which I told her about but when I took the test my urine was weak so she put in my report that I dullited my sample. A month later she shows up again with papers for a court hearing for child neglect stating I am a drug user. Now if this was not enough she also managed to find out that my husbands green card was expired, hes from Canada but has been in the US since he was 4 years old and that  was 46 years ago. Well she called immigration and also homeland security and told them that my husband was operating a meth operation and was a dangerous immigrant. So we had Immigrantion, Homeland Security, and I.C.E all show up at our house. They were not happy when they found no evidence of any drug activity and that my husband was completely cooperative with them.Unfortunately they had to take him into custody as that was their orders. So now my husband is in jail awaiting a hearing on the 5th of January to determine if he will be deported. Meanwhile I had a hearing in which the CPS worker claims I dilluted my drug test, that I never permitted her in my house to look around and that my husband was just arrested by immigration because he was a wanted fugitive! I could not believe the lies coming out of her mouth. I was given an attorney and my next court date isn't for a month but in the meantime I have to go three times a week to a drug testing center where I am treated like an addicted eventhough I do not use anything. I also live with fear of whether this worker is done crushing me and my childrens lives or is there more in store for us. I can not understand how she can do something like this and still sleep at night. My children are scared that she will take me away since she already took their dad away. How can someone be so cruel. Here it is Christmas eve and my children are not happy and excited like they should but instead sad because their dad is not here. I feel so terrible for them because not only did they lose their dad but also we lost most of our income with him as well so I could not afford presents. I sure hope that CPS worker has a great christmas now that she ruined ours!


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